I currently work as a Digital Communications Specialist at the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC). Here is my work. 
Social Media and Content

SEANC has a team of lobbyists who advocate for state employees' raises and benefits. During budget negotiation, we publicize the Governor's budget and the chambers of the General Assembly. I created an infographic of the Governor Cooper's budget. 

Here are the analytics for the aforementioned post.
Here are the analytics for the aforementioned post.

When I first started at SEANC, this was the front page of the website. It was a very basic website that had no mobile functionality and the online member profiles were not connected to our database system for members to view their enrolled products, deductions and discounts. 

When I came on board, my employer was in the process of solidifying a contract with a new web developer. The developer recommended Craft CMS. Craft is an esoteric CMS that hasn't gained as much traction in the states as it has in Europe, so this site is a little different than a Wordpress or Drupal site. I am constantly making UX recommendations to the developers and it's not exactly where I want it to be, but we have definitely make some great strides. 

Membership Services

So here's the deal, in my ten years of marketing, I've learned that there are two types of folks: Folks that understand that marketing is important and the naysayers. The folks in the membership department did a great job at recruiting but didn't understand how the folks in the Communications department could make their lives easier. So eventually the folks decided to ditch the 25+ nonuniform pieces of paper they were distributing to the potential members and allowed us to get an insurance book. 

Someone found out that I'm comfortable in front of an audience (humble brag) and so umm yeah, I do trainings and presentations at my job. 
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